5 November 2010


From top : Infinite,Daeguk Nam Ah(D-NA)


I can't control myself anymore :(
I'm in love again.
Karam & Maknae Jay from D-NA!!
Both of them is my next target..
However,Maknae Jay is younger than me 1 year(buhuu T.T)
But nevermind lah,age doesn't matter to me....^^

I am still Lee.Park.Park.Kang
I am GiDer
I am Gigi
My nickname is Gigi or GiDer =p
Where is my susu?? *kekex*

SPM is getting nearer soon
What am I doing here right now??
LoL..I'm updating my blog lahh of course =]
Sigh..I've never been really studying all these while.
I did but I scare I will forget...
Sigh =[
Why oh why??

I seriously can't think of anything right now....=/