24 October 2010


샤이니 @ 슈퍼주니어 Kiss The Radio

왜 샤이니?
샤이니 jjang!!

I had a wonderful dream scence yesterday.
I am not sure it is supposed to be a good dream or a bad dream =x
I am sure you're wondering what dream I dreamt yesterday right?
I actually dreamt about 샤이니(SHINee).LMAO!!
I was shocked to dream about them!!
All of sudden 샤이니!!!

weirdo :)
Actually I dreamt about other K-pop idol before 샤이니.
eg : 슈퍼주니어(super junior) & U-KISS
OMO!!!what on earth i dreamt about all of the handsome prince ??!!!
damn it!! ==

The scence of the dream was actually like this :-
Somewhere,somehow I was @ a supermarket with Jqi & Wee Ching together.
Somewhere,somehow, 3 of us saw 샤이니 infront of us!!(i think??)
Then,somewhere,somehow,I slipped down and drop on the floor as we were following them.(can't remember how and why I drop)
After that,somewhere,somehow, mr 김종현(JongHyun) saw me as the other member was walking forward.
Somewhere,somehow,then he walk towards to me and help me.
That time,Jqi & Wee Ching were beside me..
After that,I woke up from my dream..
When I woke up,it was already 11.00 am

seriously I was totally shocked when I open my eyes.
I quickly messaged Jqi and told her about it.
However,she also dreamt about SHINee's MinHo
both of us so "ngam" man!!
After that,my family went to SS17 for breakfast + lunch.

Later in the afternoon till now,
I'm still thinking about the dream!!
Why on earth I only can see 종현 in my dream but not 기범(Key)??
I actually admire Key not JongHyun.
but Jqi told me maybe JongHyun is the one?
not Key??
Ahhh!!I think I starting to like 종현??
I his voice.
He looks arrogant to me!!gee..hahaha
but I can't like 종현 because he is Hyunae's dinasour and charity's ♥
Because of that I can't like him.
I don't deserve to like him LOL
I like JongKey couple!!

Anyways,it is just a fantasy world lol.
It is not reality. =]
But if this really happens on me,
the same scence happen on me,
I guess I'll be in comma forever??
(i wish this really happens in reality...xDD)

I really miss you ,
and in my mind I can still see the image of you =]