21 December 2010



6 November 2010

종현 oppa,stay strong!

종현 oppa, please stay strong. I know it's not your fault.You got the right to choose your own life :) No one can blocked you from doing anything. Don't listen to the rumours!Just be yourself Oppa ! =]

Don't be sad 종현!!!I'll still support you no matter who you are :) Those biatch is totally out of their mind.Just don't care what they said.Don't give up.!!You're the best..be happy with yourself kay?Cheer up :)

Aegyo Oppa!!!I still remember about the dream that I dreamt about you.After I dreamt about you,the next day you announced that you're dating for a month already.LOL.I was kinda shocked because I dreamt about you just yesterday.And now you said you have girlfriend :) That was my first time liking you..ROFL!

After looking at the pictures of you and her,I feel that both of you looks sweet and cute together.I really wish that both of you will be happily forever.HOWEVER,I didn't expect this to be happened on you,why on earth there is an increase of anti-fans??bullshit!!.___. I just don't understand why!!WAE??It's not like you're gonna married them right?damn useless..

I saw the goodbye stage video in music bank last two weeks.I really hate to say this but why SHAWOL only cheer for other member but not YOU??WHY!!I hate this..I get angry when I see the video..WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE??=[ I hate to see you teared and you bowed to them,no one even responsed.=[ I just hate you doing that.It's not your fault oppa!!

I want to see your real smile again =] I don't wanna see your fake smile..You've been in pain for such a long time.I don't wanna see you hurt yourself again.Please come back,Jong Hyun!!I know you can do it JH!!Believe in yourself.I know all the "fans" wants you to break off with her,please don't do it!!You will only hurt yourself much in the future..


5 November 2010


From top : Infinite,Daeguk Nam Ah(D-NA)


I can't control myself anymore :(
I'm in love again.
Karam & Maknae Jay from D-NA!!
Both of them is my next target..
However,Maknae Jay is younger than me 1 year(buhuu T.T)
But nevermind lah,age doesn't matter to me....^^

I am still Lee.Park.Park.Kang
I am GiDer
I am Gigi
My nickname is Gigi or GiDer =p
Where is my susu?? *kekex*

SPM is getting nearer soon
What am I doing here right now??
LoL..I'm updating my blog lahh of course =]
Sigh..I've never been really studying all these while.
I did but I scare I will forget...
Sigh =[
Why oh why??

I seriously can't think of anything right now....=/

24 October 2010


샤이니 @ 슈퍼주니어 Kiss The Radio

왜 샤이니?
샤이니 jjang!!

I had a wonderful dream scence yesterday.
I am not sure it is supposed to be a good dream or a bad dream =x
I am sure you're wondering what dream I dreamt yesterday right?
I actually dreamt about 샤이니(SHINee).LMAO!!
I was shocked to dream about them!!
All of sudden 샤이니!!!

weirdo :)
Actually I dreamt about other K-pop idol before 샤이니.
eg : 슈퍼주니어(super junior) & U-KISS
OMO!!!what on earth i dreamt about all of the handsome prince ??!!!
damn it!! ==

The scence of the dream was actually like this :-
Somewhere,somehow I was @ a supermarket with Jqi & Wee Ching together.
Somewhere,somehow, 3 of us saw 샤이니 infront of us!!(i think??)
Then,somewhere,somehow,I slipped down and drop on the floor as we were following them.(can't remember how and why I drop)
After that,somewhere,somehow, mr 김종현(JongHyun) saw me as the other member was walking forward.
Somewhere,somehow,then he walk towards to me and help me.
That time,Jqi & Wee Ching were beside me..
After that,I woke up from my dream..
When I woke up,it was already 11.00 am

seriously I was totally shocked when I open my eyes.
I quickly messaged Jqi and told her about it.
However,she also dreamt about SHINee's MinHo
both of us so "ngam" man!!
After that,my family went to SS17 for breakfast + lunch.

Later in the afternoon till now,
I'm still thinking about the dream!!
Why on earth I only can see 종현 in my dream but not 기범(Key)??
I actually admire Key not JongHyun.
but Jqi told me maybe JongHyun is the one?
not Key??
Ahhh!!I think I starting to like 종현??
I his voice.
He looks arrogant to me!!gee..hahaha
but I can't like 종현 because he is Hyunae's dinasour and charity's ♥
Because of that I can't like him.
I don't deserve to like him LOL
I like JongKey couple!!

Anyways,it is just a fantasy world lol.
It is not reality. =]
But if this really happens on me,
the same scence happen on me,
I guess I'll be in comma forever??
(i wish this really happens in reality...xDD)

I really miss you ,
and in my mind I can still see the image of you =]



This is for my breaking soul
Yes. You know what?

세상에 끝에 섰을 때 길이 보이지가 않을 때
누군가 필요했었죠
어둠에 갇혀있을 때 빛이 보이지가 않을 때
손길을 기다렸었죠

그대는 모르죠 세상에 단 하나 그대가
Only one more than better world

I believe dream for you and me
메마른 나의 하루에 단비로 내려 내 마음에 내려 용기를 줘
You make me fly and smile again
비온 뒤 무지개처럼 소리 없이 나의 품에 안겨 행복을 줘
I wanna make love

현실에 도망쳤었던 나의 모습을 보았을 때
혹시나 실망했나요
그대가 있기에 돌아올 용기를 내었죠
You’re the one always in my heart

I believe dream for you and me
메마른 나의 하루에 단비로 내려 내 마음에 내려 용기를 줘
You make me fly and smile again
비온 뒤 무지개처럼 소리 없이 나의 품에 안겨 행복을 줘
I wanna make love

Oh, lonely night, 지겹고 숨막히는 어둠의 밤
그 속에서 매일 밤을 눈물로 혼자 울던 날
아직은 여리기만 한 가슴에 상처를 줬던 많은
사람들 대신, thanks a lot, 내 맘이 메마를 때

I know it ain’t that easy
But that’s ok, you make a way
언제나 빛이 되는 you, you, you
삶의 이유 only you
넌 사막의 오아시스 제일 달콤한 초콜릿

I believe dream for you and me
메마른 나의 하루에 단비로 내려 내 마음에 내려 용기를 줘
You make me fly and smile again
비온 뒤 무지개처럼 소리 없이 나의 품에 안겨 행복을 줘
I wanna make love

23 October 2010

Love is smiling on the inside and out.

I feel like I am losing myself .

Time flies superb fast !
It has been a month + that I had not enter BLOGGER
Today,23/10 is exactly one month to
Gosh,I still haven't get ready yet =[
I'm not in that mood yet
I must do all my best as I can for spm!!
Am no longer fooling around.
After this,I must really study hard..
Talking back about trials,
One big word to say ;
Taken back results ;
but not so bad..at least i pass add math *scream*
I am not so happy with my trials result though :(
&& I'm sick right now..
good night & sweet dreams.