6 November 2010

종현 oppa,stay strong!

종현 oppa, please stay strong. I know it's not your fault.You got the right to choose your own life :) No one can blocked you from doing anything. Don't listen to the rumours!Just be yourself Oppa ! =]

Don't be sad 종현!!!I'll still support you no matter who you are :) Those biatch is totally out of their mind.Just don't care what they said.Don't give up.!!You're the best..be happy with yourself kay?Cheer up :)

Aegyo Oppa!!!I still remember about the dream that I dreamt about you.After I dreamt about you,the next day you announced that you're dating for a month already.LOL.I was kinda shocked because I dreamt about you just yesterday.And now you said you have girlfriend :) That was my first time liking you..ROFL!

After looking at the pictures of you and her,I feel that both of you looks sweet and cute together.I really wish that both of you will be happily forever.HOWEVER,I didn't expect this to be happened on you,why on earth there is an increase of anti-fans??bullshit!!.___. I just don't understand why!!WAE??It's not like you're gonna married them right?damn useless..

I saw the goodbye stage video in music bank last two weeks.I really hate to say this but why SHAWOL only cheer for other member but not YOU??WHY!!I hate this..I get angry when I see the video..WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE??=[ I hate to see you teared and you bowed to them,no one even responsed.=[ I just hate you doing that.It's not your fault oppa!!

I want to see your real smile again =] I don't wanna see your fake smile..You've been in pain for such a long time.I don't wanna see you hurt yourself again.Please come back,Jong Hyun!!I know you can do it JH!!Believe in yourself.I know all the "fans" wants you to break off with her,please don't do it!!You will only hurt yourself much in the future..